Price list

Green fee

18 holes* 60 Eur
9 holes*35 Eur

*For those who have a game license (Green card).

*If accompanied by a club member, youngsters under the age of 18 receive a 50% discount.


Driving range price list:


             Number of coins                                     Number of balls                                          Price                          
1405 Eur
1040 x 1045 Eur
3040 x 30125 Eur
Unlimited DR*……..245 Eur


* Driving Range memberships are valid for 1 person and are assigned to the phone number specified by the customer.

Equipment rental

If you want to play golf but have not yet purchased the necessary equipment, you can rent it at our club.

We would recommend beginner players choose a lesson with a coach; then you will not have to pay for equipment rental, and the coach will introduce you to the court and teach you hitting and rolling techniques.

Club players with a green card can use the golf cart. Club guests (non-golfers) can only use the golf cart with a coach.

One club3,5 Eur
1/2 of the kit, 6 clubs15 Eur
14 club kit30 Eur
Trolley rent4 Eur
Golf cart rent35 Eur

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