Price-list for golf simulators



Non-members (1 hour) 35 €
Members (1 hour) 30 €

Up to 4 players can use the simulator at the same time

Simulator packages

10 hours 25 hours 50 hours
Non-members 280 € (28 €/h) 645 € (26 €/h) 1150 € (23 €/h)
For members 230 € (23 €/h) 520 € (21 €/h) 950 € (19 €/h)

A lesson with a trainer

1 hour 5 hours
1 person 35 € 150 €
2 persons 40 € 175 €

Are you golfer that have a green card? Want to improve your skills before the golf courses are closed so you can show off your progress, compete in tournaments and outdo yourself when the season starts? Then we offer individual lessons with a professional coach, during which your current playing level will be assessed, you will discuss the strengths/weaknesses of your game, you will choose which aspects of improving your game you will focus on and you will consistently work with the coach, who will devote his time and attention during the lesson only to you.

Introductory golf lesson

1 hour
1-4 persons 60 €

Never played golf? Still don’t know which hand to hold the club in and how to hit the ball? Great, so it’s all just before our eyes! An introductory golf lesson can be booked by a person or group of any age who wants to get to know golf. During the lesson, the professional coach will talk about the basic rules of the game, golf etiquette, demonstrate how to hit and roll the balls, and at the end of the lesson you will already have enough skills to do it yourself!

For introductory golf lessons and golf lessons with a coach, we invite you to register with the following contacts:


Working hours:

I-VI 10:00 – 21:00
VII 10:00 – 20:00

Indoor membership

125 €

Membership benefits

-10% discount in bar
-10% discount in pro shop

Inventory cabinet

95 €

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