Europos centro golfo klubas

About us

Golf – a sport gaining popularity worldwide

It is not just a passionate activity but a rather active leisure time in nature and interaction with interesting people. We are happy to contribute to the growing popularity of the golf culture in Lithuania. People working in our team, are the true enthusiasts of this sport as golf is an integral part of our life.

  • The club organises the majority of tournaments and has also been acknowledged as the "Golf Community of the Year".
  • We welcome our club guests with a smile and focus our attention on them.
  • We constantly improve and seek for the availability of global innovations to our club members.
  • We are active in promoting the sport by organising tournaments and summer camps for children. In addition, we have an established golf academy.


No Need to Travel Long Distances to Enjoy a Great Golf Match

Everything you need is 25 minutes away from the centre of Vilnius in the European Centre Golf Club. Here you can:

  • Enjoy the sport;
  • Practice individually or with a trainer and get professional advice;
  • Buy or rent the necessary inventory;
  • Participate in the local and international tournaments;
  • Enjoy a great time in the club events;
  • Give your children the chance to develop various skills in the golf camp.


The Golf Course Designed by the Specialist Team from Sweden

An original and proficient plan of this golf course was designed by the golf course architect and the member of Swedish Golf Federation Bjorn Erikson. Having plenty of working experience, the landscape architect has designed golf courses worldwide. The layout of this golf club is made to meet the needs of both the professional players and the beginners.


European Centre Golf Club was not Named Randomly

Golf courses of the club are set just next to the geographical centre of Europe, which was pinned down by the scientists of French National Geographic Institute in 1989. Our course is distinctive as it is adapted for both the experienced and beginner players. It is perfect for the beginners to learn, as the course is not too complicated, however exciting enough for the experienced golfers as well. The course was designed by the specialist team from Sweden.

You are always welcome!


European Centre Golf Club team.




We are open: Monday - Sunday 09:00 - 19:00